Intimate Islands Of Katich(Katič) And Saint Sunday(Sveta Neđelja)

Intimate Islands Of Katich(Katič) And Saint Sunday(Sveta Neđelja)

In case you ever find yourself somewhere along Budva Riviera during the summer(and you definitely should), don’t miss the opportunity to visit two small, yet beautiful Montenegrin islands near Petrovac, astonishing vacation place between Budva and Bar. Katich and Saint Sunday are proper oases of peace and beauty. Located less than a mile from shore they are reachable even for adventurous and skilled swimmers.

The island of Saint Sunday(Sveta Neđelja)

Separated just by a small sea passage, these islands are just like two rocky brothers. If you visit one of them, you’d be crazy not to visit the other. Heading from the shore you will first come across Saint Sunday. Once you’re near the island you will spot an astonishing rustic monument on its very top, the church of Saint Sunday. When you reach the rocky surface of the island, you can easily climb to the church and ring the bells.

According to one of the many tales, Saint Sunday church was built by a Greek sailor who found himself stranded when his vessel hit a nearby ridge, known as Shadow of Donko. He saved himself by reaching the Saint Sunday island, and as an act of gratitude, he built the famous church. In 1979, a devastating earthquake struck the south of Montenegro, and as a consequence, the church was ruined. It was finally rebuilt in 2007.

Teleportation to the experience

And now, let’s teleport to the beach. It’s an early sunny summer morning. You are walking down the beach with waves gently overflowing your feet. Seawater is pleasant, not too hot, nor too cold. You are alone, or maybe with a lover. You see the islands from the shore. The perfect smell of the beach is relaxing your mind. You slowly get in the water, while there’s still no noise, and while the beach is not crowded. You are embracing the blue giant and slowly heading towards the open sea. There’s no need for a rush. You can relax every once in a while. There are no sharks here, and sea currents are favorable on the majority of the days.

While you’re heading towards the island you can hear the song of the seabirds and water gurgling in your ears. When you reach the rocky shore of the Saint Sunday, you can finally look back to the beach and realize what you have accomplished. You are alone on the island, far away from the noise of the crowded town, able to enjoy the beauty of the sea on your own. You are isolated from the world, and no one can bother you, yet everything is so close and there is no need to be worried. Sunbathing has never been so good, and if you are with your lover, well, some other things too. 

Islands are so small you can explore them in no time, which means this excursion is not time-consuming.  You can ring the church bells which can be heard from the Petrovac beach. And when you reach Katich you can even find some trees where you can find shade. You may as well be sharing the island with swallows and seabirds who nest here. Katich is also equipped with a small lighthouse. When you are done with your visit you can swim back to the shore or just board one of the ferryboats which are passing through every once in a while.

However, if you venture into this quest, you should have waterproof bags with yourself so you can bring your phones, water, and some food. Swimming all the way to the island will surely get you hungry. Also, if you hear the sound of the speed boats while swimming, you should check out which way it is going, and raise your hands if it’s passing by anywhere near you. Speed boat accidents are very rare, but caution is always recommended.

Other ways to get to the islands

For those who aren’t quite appealed by the option of swimming to the island, there are few more ways to get there and fully experience the whole thing. You can rent a paddleboat for 5 to 10 euros per hour, which would make your experience as intimate as the one I described earlier, or you can take a so-called taxi boat from the dock. Also, there is a possibility of boarding the ferryboat which would take you on a small cruise along the coastline. The ferryboat stops by Katich and Saint Sunday, but that kind of experience has its own limitations. You would be a part of the travel group and you couldn’t invest your time the way you want. 

On the other hand, if you are a fan of scuba diving, you can apply for a small excursion with the diving club “Pro Diving Montenegro” where you would be exploring the beauties of the seabed around the islands. You would be surrounded by professional divers and diving guides, so the safety is no concern on this matter. Katich and Saint Sunday are popular diving spots. They are providing home and sanctuary for a great diversity of sea creatures, which makes this place even more awesome. It is a proper underwater town!


So if you ever visit Petrovac(and you definitely should) don’t miss out on this phenomenal opportunity. Breathtaking landscapes and genuine feeling of inner peace will certainly make this experience well worth of money and time. Some would even say, that it will be unfor…wait for it…gettable. 

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